Glorious Spring in Western Maine

Beginning around the middle of March, I can’t stop thinking about warmer weather. I peak beyond my turtlenecks and try to find my lightest layer for skiing. I might even trade my goggles and face mask for sunglasses and sunscreen! Rather than rushing up for packed powder or groomed corduroy by 8am at Sunday River, I roll in to the hill around 10. After such an amazing, snowy winter, I consider sunny skies and corn snow as icing on the cake and welcome in Spring in Western Maine.

The most telling sign of full-on Spring for me, is the return of the Peepers. They start their merry peeping as soon as they shake off their winter protective layer. I can drive anywhere on a warm evening near a waterway and am bound to hear their sleigh-bell like chirping.

Just as the peepers come back out to call, the contractors come back out to work. They are done ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing and vacationing around the most beautiful part of Maine and are now able to put a shovel into a not-so-frozen ground.  It’s not just nature making the switch to spring, it’s all of us!

melting shoreline at pond in western Maine

Ice out is starting in Western Maine

Part way through April the ice out starts on the lakes.  The frozen white becomes dark and the ice edges creep away from the shores.  The smaller ponds go first, like Songo Pond in Albany. The bigger lakes next and the deepest ones last, like Lake Christopher in Bryant Pond.   There are ‘ice-out’ contests each year, but the locals will tell you the ice is ALWAYS out before May 1.

I see real estate buyers beginning to focus more on waterfront properties this time of year rather than on ski properties. We have a number of ski properties newly listed! These are opportunities in 2 directions. Warmer weather brings potential for great deals on slope side homes and condominiums. But it also conjures up dreams of lazy summer days with family on the shore of one of the areas many amazing lakes and rivers. There are some beautiful homes and second homes available right now around these pristine waterways.

Call (207) 807-0732 to make an appointment and let me show you some of the Bethel areas ‘other season’ homes. Spring in Western Maine is glorious!